About us

At Growthcode, we follow the mantra of inclusivity. More the inclusivity, bigger the cause.

We were fascinated by the proverbial "bridges" we saw filling the "gaps" there were.

And we will always be...



The proverbial "bridging" the gap between opportunities had been elusive to us. Having "walked" the existing "bridges" we found that all of them had some great solutions, but none of them had a "one solution" approach. We decided we will build our own bridge on a simple yet strong foundation; We build our bridge that would give one solution and not multiple, associated, related solutions.

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Our Story

It all began with the fate of 16 newly recruited college freshmen who were told to look for jobs elsewhere just a month after they had got their offer letters as they were not approved by any of the clients' projects they were hired for. The quandary of the 16 college freshmen, who had only a mere 30 days ago been euphoric in victory and now being shoved into the uncertainty quadrant made us realize the problems in sound hiring and the deep rooted disregard of our nescient system. We realized right then that we needed that bridge and we would have to build one. For the foundation, we needed to look at "opportunity" as a physical commodity which is almost metaphysical in nature. The result is the bridges we have built over the last couple of years.

Our Team

At GROWTHCODE, we strive on goals. And our goals are based on a simple 3 pointed principle - Everything we do for our customers will be Simple, Scalable and Sustainable.

Ravi Krishnamurthy


Specialist in Human Capital. A Bachelor’s degree holder in Commerce from Bangalore university. RKM is a problem solver with over 20 years of experience in people functions. Specialist in Education & Employability, Integrated Workforce Management, Mass Learning and Development. Extensive experience in product and service development.

Bhupeshh Sharma


A commerce graduate from Bangalore University, Bhupeshh has handled multiple portfolios in his career. Over 20 years of experience in handling marketing and finance functions in varied industries from manufacturing and global trade. Instinctively a keen observer with an eye for a permanent fix, he is actively involved in building solutions for the future.

Sudarshan Sharma


Sudarshan Sharma, an Engineer with an MBA. Over 20 years of experience is our CMO. Research is in his roots, am ardent traveller keen to learn the next new, brings technology to our solutions. An expert in research intensive operations, Sudarshan leads us into tomorrow.

Murali Venugopal


A Masters's degree holder with 25 years in the field of IT across various MNC's and startups. TOGAF certified with hands-on experience in various technologies. A selling Author, an independent thinker, boldly challenges status-quo. A student of life and a keen learner,Murali is our cutting edge of technology.

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